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Why Content Marketing

Buyer habits have changed. The market now is completely consumer-driven. Buyers conduct their own research and purchase from credible businesses they trust. Isn’t it time your company become the trusted source of information for your prospective customers?


Pro sports teams don’t take the field without a detailed game plan. They win because they’re prepared to win. They create a plan, track KPI’s, and make in-game adjustments. Building a rock-solid content marketing strategy focused on your buyer’s pains and needs, measuring KPI’s, and making in-game adjustments is what will set your business up to win.


Once your strategy is in place, it’s time to execute. Creating consistent content that provides real value to your prospects is what great execution is all about. Great execution starts on your site and continues with every blog post and digital download we create.


After we’ve created all that awesome content, it needs to get in front of the people who care about what we’re saying. Distribution includes: social media, guest posting, advertising, and Search Engine Optimization.


Create content that appeals to your target persona and addresses their specific pain points.

Use blogs, white papers, Infographics, and eBooks to offer the same information delivered in different formats. Different people prefer different digital media.


Top 6 Reasons Why Content Marketing Fails

Bad Fit

Content Marketing isn’t a fit for every business.

No Strategy

Content Marketing without a strategy is doomed to die a painful death.

Inconsistent Effort

A random blog post once every few weeks or months can do more harm than good.

Sales Pitching

Good content provides value to clients. It doesn’t pitch products and services.

Burn Out

Content Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. Consistency over time is what wins.

The People Writing the Content Aren’t Writers

Poorly developed and written content is worse than not having any content at all.

Key Benefit

For every new customer acquired versus this relying on outbound strategies

Over 90% of all content on the internet was created last year. Content creation isn't a ``set it and forget it`` discipline
82% of marketers who blog see positive ROI for their inbound marketing.
U.S. inbound marketers. Save an average of 13% in overall cost lead per lead and more than $14 dollars

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